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born august eighteenth 2009, same day as mr kwon ji yong. but unfortunately not the same year.
2 busy people who try to update this TVB blog as much as possible, quite unsuccessful so far though.
we provide reviews, news, graphics, and other random stuff.

official chairman
25th May
Loves: stevinda, johnson, sharon, bosco, tavia, etc.{he's lying. he likes Linda the most.}
Watching:You're Hired, DIE Again,Rosy Business,Beyond The Realm Of Conscience,Born Rich(Soon)
the one who posts most of the reviews whatnot and those deep fanfics and stuff. isn't it obvious he isn't the one typing this out?

assistant chairman
25th July
Loves: big bang, 2NE1, brown eyed girls, kim yoo bin, tavia, elanne, selena, fala.
Watching: beethoven virus {that's not TVB.}, IRIS, beyond the realm of conscience.
the one that goes off topic and talks about k-pop. also the one who changes the skin and provides graphics.


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